Why choose GPSIOT?

GPSIOT is a tried and tested platform compatible with Teltonika trackers and with trackers of dozens of other manufacturers. At a competitive price, it allows you to monitor your vehicles to intervene promptly in the event of an emergency.

Do you need a SIM card to use trackers?

To enable the trackers to transmit data to our cloud service, a SIM card with a data plan is required. The amount of data exchanged by the tracker is, normally, less than 250 Mb per month. Our trackers are compatible with the SIMs of all Italian operators (excluding 3)

What are the GPSIOT service subscription plans?

The GPSIOT service has different plans according to the needs of the user: the plans are distinguished by the number of trackers to be monitored on the platform. The acquired data are kept in memory for 1 year, after which they are deleted. It is possible to request special "Manager" rights for the account, in order to create sub-accounts and allow them to monitor the same trackers or a subset of them.

Technical support

Our technical support will assist you by email to answer any doubts or any clarifications or difficulties in installing and configuring locators or for registration at the portal GPSIOT.EU.