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Exceptional Features

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    Simplicity of installation

    For the basic functionality our trackers do not need complicated installation procedures. Just connect the two power wires to the vehicle battery and the locator will start monitoring the vehicle position.
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    Extremely flexible

    Trackers have a very high flexibility of installation: they accept power supply from 9 to 30VDC, have an IP67 protection*, can monitor different vehicle conditions such as ignition status, battery voltage, tank level and much more.
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    Integrations to external sensors

    Thanks to the 1-wire bus it is possible to connect tracker to different instruments, such as temperature and humidity sensors, iButton interface to allow driving only to authorized personnel, etc. Moreover, thanks to the connection with the CAN bus of the vehicle it is possible to acquire anomalies and states directly transmitted by the control units.
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    Bluetooth for monitoring and configuration

    Bluetooth system allows you to connect via PC and smartphone to the locator to monitor its status or access the configuration via the free tool. It is also possible to connect Bluetooth hands-free systems to use the internal SIM to receive and make calls.
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    SIM IoT included (optional)

    Available as an option a data SIM valid throughout Europe with a data bundle valid for 5 years.

Architecture & Technology

How our localization and tracking service works



Tracker is configured from a PC using an easy and intuitive software. Default parameters of the module have been studied to optimize precision and consumption, therefore it will be necessary to modify only very few parameters.



High quality hardware to achieve precise and fast positioning. The tracker models have different hardware features to meet any end user's needs.



Teltonika pays particular attention to ensuring that its trackers are as reliable as possible and manage limit situations in an optimal way so as not to lose any position or operating data.

Special applications

Special Applications

Through the configurator it is possible to enable special applications such as crash detection or auto geofence, to obtain immediate and automatic information on the status of the vehicle and the driver.

Additional Features

Additional Features

Teltonika develops and releases updated firmware for its devices. These solve known problems and introduce new features to its already complete trackers.

Manuals and Support

Manuals and Support

All our products are supplied with detailed manuals, in English, for wiring and configuration.

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Complete web portal

The management and monitoring of registered trackers are easily accessible from the GPSIOT.EU portal. It is possible to monitor the current status of the vehicle and carry out research on the routes completed.

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Powerful APP for iOS and Android

From the APP for Apple and Android smartphones you can perform the same monitoring operations as the web platform. All for maximum flexibility and maximum control, even on the move.


Frequently asked questions

Why choose GPSIOT?

GPSIOT is a tried and tested platform compatible with Teltonika trackers and with trackers of dozens of other manufacturers. At a competitive price, it allows you to monitor your vehicles to intervene promptly in the event of an emergency.

Do you need a SIM card to use trackers?

To enable the trackers to transmit data to our cloud service, a SIM card with a data plan is required. The amount of data exchanged by the tracker is, normally, less than 250 Mb per month. Our trackers are compatible with the SIMs of all Italian operators (excluding 3)

What are the GPSIOT service subscription plans?

The GPSIOT service has different plans according to the needs of the user: the plans are distinguished by the number of trackers to be monitored on the platform. The acquired data are kept in memory for 1 year, after which they are deleted. It is possible to request special "Manager" rights for the account, in order to create sub-accounts and allow them to monitor the same trackers or a subset of them.

Technical support

Our technical support will assist you by email to answer any doubts or any clarifications or difficulties in installing and configuring locators or for registration at the portal GPSIOT.EU.